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When you first take the risk of making a big change, your expectations are at an all time high. It’s easy to forget that your vision may not come immediately. When things don’t pan out the way you envisioned, you may find yourself thinking things like: “was this a mistake?” or “it’s all downhill from here”. However, this is where you come to find that patience is a beautiful trait.

The Editor in Chief

Taryn Polsky

Circa 1995

Enthusiast of all things cute & cuddly. She has lived in almost every major city… She makes me (Des) laugh so hard I cry and almost pee a little (TMI & IDC). She is also great at editing. With that, I now pronounce Miss Duchess the Great, the Sexy, the Awesomest, Chica Taryn Polsky as Chief of Editing the dysfunctional Dessea Music Blog.

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